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Trending: Want to join in on conversations on Twitter and other online platforms? Make sure to check out our trending tab for the latest and most accurate information on what’s trending! 

Podcasts: Tune in to In Focus, Parley and other podcasts by The Hindu as they discuss current affairs topics and spark important conversations. 

Videos: Watch on-ground videos covering important news events and in-depth video explainers with our leading editors 

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National – Get election news, politics, landmark judgments, government measures, other stories of national interest.

International – Read news and updates on current global affairs, international relationships, etc. Watch our weekly video series ‘Worldview with Suhasini Haidar’.

Sports–Receive the latest news and updates on T20 World Cup, ISL, and other tournaments in Cricket,Tennis,Football,Hockey, Athletics&other sports. 

Business–Stay up-to-date on news from the business world, national economy, the state of the stock market.

Entertainment–Watch out for news, reviews and more on movies, music,dance,art and theatre.

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The Hindu news app is brought to you by The Hindu Group, a news publishing company that has stood for unbiased, honest and quality journalism since 1878.

The Hindu, which started as a weekly newspaper and became a daily newspaper in 1889 is one of India’s most trusted national newspapers, even today. The Hindu is also the first newspaper to move into the digital realm in India.

Read by some of India’s notable economists, leaders, government officials and respected public figures, The Hindu is also a time-tested learning tool for aspiring IAS and IPS officers while preparing for UPSC and other competitive exams.

When you become a user of The Hindu, you become part of a legacy like no other.Join us today!

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