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Subtraction Game – Crazy Maths

About Subtraction Game – Crazy Maths

Solve mysterious math extractions and improve your grades.Try now!(Free version)

Activate new chapters by solving the math extractions on parchments on the eastern island of Chile. Collect a high number of stars by solving all extractions before the time runs out!

Math extraction game is an entertaining math game that aims to develop subtraction skills designed in accordance with 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade and 5th grade students.

What does the mysterious mathematics subtraction game contain?

Extraction operations consist of 30 different sections.
Each section consists of 20 different questions.
There are 5 different success trophies.
There is time per episode. You are asked to solve 20 questions within the specified time.
If you give quick answers in the game, you are praised. (Very good, super, perfect, extraordinary, etc.)

How to play?

When you open the mysterious math extraction game, press the start sign at the entrance to go to the section selection screen. You can start the game by choosing the active part you want to play.

You will be asked the question of removal in the parchment in the middle area and you are asked to press the correct one from 3 different answers at the bottom. Press the correct one from the 3 different answers at the bottom as soon as possible.

Proceed in this way and answer all questions. To collect high stars at the end of the game, you must complete the game as soon as possible.

How to win trophies?

There are 5 different success trophies.
When you complete chapter 15
When you complete chapter 30,
When you collect 30 Stars
When you collect 60 stars
You earn trophies when you collect 90 stars.

How to get praises?

If you give quick answers in a short period of time while solving the removal processes, it will give you praise in every 3 questions.

When the wrong answer is given, a certain sec based on your time. a decrease is experienced. For example, if you answer incorrectly in the first section, 5 seconds per incorrect answer. will decrease from your time.

If you have questions and suggestions, don’t forget to write us a comment. Let’s answer as soon as possible.

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