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2023-06-16 16:12:11
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Android 5.1+

Puzzle Poker Joker’s Wild

About Puzzle Poker Joker’s Wild

Count and train your way to the high score in this fun puzzle card game

Welcome to Puzzle Poker Joker’s Wild; a whole new puzzle challenge! In this original puzzle game you must get the most points from a deck of cards by forming Poker hands. The better the hand the more points!

This is NOT a gambling game. It is a solo puzzle game inspired by crossing Solitaire and Patience with the scoring system of Poker.

Take one card at a time from the deck, and assign it to a column. Attempt to make the best Poker hand.

There are 2 Joker cards in the deck that act as wildcards to get the best hand possible. Now you can finally get 5 Aces!

The goal: Get the most points with a deck of 52 cards.

● Excitement: Just the right mix of skill along with the thrill of getting lucky, but without a gambling component. Learning to count cards does help though!
● Depth: Unlock new rules that allow you to earn more points and get even higher scores.
● Compete: See how you measure up on the leaderboard. Beat your friends’ scores and become the best card sharp.
● Customise: Unlock new Decks, Card Backs, and Tables.
● Haptic feedback adds a sense of immersion (this can be turned-off in the settings).

Play something new but familiar, and try Puzzle Poker Joker’s Wild today!

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