Easy Learn G9

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2023-06-16 17:14:06
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Android 6.0+

Easy Learn G9

About Easy Learn G9

Easy Learn Math is a fun gamified e-learning platform of Mathematics subject.

Easy Learn Math is an amazing and fun gamified e-learning platform of Mathematics subject for the Junior High School. It presents pdf lessons, interactive drills, and exciting assessments which help learners study the subject at their own pace anytime and anywhere in this new normal in education.

Easy Learn Math is designed based on the most essential learning competencies of DepEd as part of the asynchronous learning modality. It aims to help the learners study the Mathematics subject with minimal supervisions of parents and teachers. It promotes learning through the use of technology to serve the different learning styles of the Generation Z learners.

The name Easy Learn Math is chosen to help learners understand the topics easily. One of its goals is to make the younger generation learn while having fun and love the world of numbers.


✔ Promotes independent learning
✔ Adaptability to varying learning styles
✔ Innovative teaching methodology
✔ Gamified learning
✔ Motivational tool for learning
✔ Provides easy-to-follow lessons and interactive assessments

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