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About Allcalidad

Enjoy the best content in Spanish, Latin and English Subtitled

AllCalidad App allows us to see in HD format and available for all the best, it’s free! AllCalidad App is divided exactly by a total of 20 genera involved in the top menu of the App, which can be found in the following categories:

Action, Animation, Adventure, War, Racing, Sci-fi, Comedy, Crime, Sports, Romance, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Horror, Children, Intrigue, Mystery, Thriller, Horror, Favorites.

Choose from three languages, Spanish, Latin and English.

Each section contains information at least more than 300 films.

To find a movie simply position yourself at the top bar of the app, there will be a “”Lupa”” in which you can add the name of the film in question and be able to find her. It is also noteworthy that, add the name of an actor or director, you can find easily and quickly your list of movies that are available in AllCalidad App.

Recommendation 🎥 Search: 🎥

We recommend using the lower column that says: “”Most Viewed”” because there you can find the most popular choice for users. Another interesting line could be the “”Favorites”” there is also content chosen by users.

🎬 AllCalidad action movies 🎬

Do you like action movies? It is a very popular genre between film, as they are of the best films usually have a lot, a film that everyone will always remember. There are a lot of films that are in this genre, is why we have added to our menu section, you’ll notice that it is one of the main if you look at the top of this moment.

🎭 What you offer AllCalidad? 🎭

Quality content and Clean, simple, we know how difficult it is for users to pass a menu after another and eventually meet up with the terrible news that the link has been removed or News. In AllCalidad we are aware and we want your user as values, our contributions daily will keep the Best Film Premieres available to you, so remember that AllCalidad is a unique and easy to navigate for all App.


All of our content is based on the application connects to the Api:

Continue reading for more information on this link:

Our information is based on the following APIs mentioned above.

In our entertainment center, you will meet the actors from the films you choose, you have the entire cast of the film and also the trailer of it.

If you want to go further, you can find fun changing the language of our application to explore new content.

Without further ado, I can only tell you one thing.


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