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2023-06-15 12:40:15
Free Action Game
Requires Android
Android 5.1+

Zombie Cars Crush: Racing game

About Zombie Cars Crush: Racing game

Race zombies, smash karts in thrilling derby-style car racing game

Welcome to the ultimate racing game where you must smash karts, survive derby challenges, and drive your way to safety! As the last living person on earth, embark on a thrilling run and fight through hordes of zombies to escape the city.

Experience intense car destruction in this driving game featuring 7 types of vehicles and 6 essential upgrades. In this pulse-pounding racing game, explore 12 levels of diverse terrain, from post-apocalyptic stone jungles to icy roads.

Teaming up with a talking zombie, navigate through dangerous cities filled with deadly enemies and obstacles. In this derby game, each vehicle boasts unique features, from a fast Buggy to a tractor with electrical installation. Enhance your car with engine, transmission, armor, jet booster, gas tank, and weapon upgrades for an edge in racing games.

Beware of five menacing enemies like adhesive zombies and toxic zombies, and confront super fat zombie bosses in this racing game. Utilize your arsenal of seven deadly weapons, including a machine gun, missiles, and a flamethrower, to smash karts and overcome challenges in derby games.

So, buckle up for the ultimate driving experience and embrace car destruction in this racing game! Outsmart zombies, survive bus derbies, and become the ultimate survivor in the world of driving and racing games.

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