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Android 6.0+

World Fishing Championship

About World Fishing Championship

World Fishing Championship Opens on 2023/05/25!

Giving out maximum 80 Platinum Lucky Box Draw Tickets!

Free 10 Draw Tickets Everyday!

Get hooked on the fishing adventure of a lifetime with World Fishing Championship!

From the crystal clear waters of Florida to the mighty Yangtze River, the Amazon, and the deepest of seas, experience the excitement of reeling in over 500 different fish species from the world’s most renowned fishing spots!

Pre-register now and you could catch some fin-tastic rewards to celebrate the official launch on May 25, 2023.

Set sail and embark on a vibrant voyage into the world of fishing!

1. Immerse yourself in the ultimate fishing experience with realistic 3D graphics!

– Over 500 types of fish from the world’s top fishing destinations!

– The fish come alive with realistic 3D graphics and natural movements!

– Use the real-time underwater cameras to masterfully time your catch!

2. Cast your line with an attractive crew of anglers!

– Fish alongside a captivating cast of unique anglers!

– Strategize your gameplay by leveraging each angler’s exclusive skills!

– Experience the adrenaline rush of a fish on the line!

3. Equip yourself with the right tackle to reel in the big catches!

– High-quality equipment is essential for improving your fishing technique.

– Fishing rods and boats are authentically replicated to enhance your experience!

– Pack your rod, hop on your boat, and catch the most legendary fish!

4. Dive into the fishing frenzy of Battle Mode!

– Compete against anglers from all over the world!

– Enter the open seas where only the strongest prevail!

– Test your skills and claim supremacy as a master angler!

5. Showcase your favorite catches in your very own aquarium!

– Dive into a lifelike 3D aquarium experience that feels truly immersive!

– Watch your fish come to life before your eyes with the magic of AR!

– Personalize your aquarium and let your creativity shine!

6. The pinnacle of fishing meets P&E!

– Hit the jackpot by reeling in a legendary catch!

– Land the fish before your rival anglers!

– Experience the heart of Play & Earn with World Fishing Championship!

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■ Minimum Required Specs

* ARMv7, ARM64 / RAM 3GB / Android OS 6 (API 23)

■ Recommended Specs

* ARM64 / RAM 4GB / Android OS 6 (API 23)

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