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2023-06-16 21:44:43
Free Word Game
Requires Android
Android 4.1+

Word Zombie คําศัพท์ที่ควรรู

About Word Zombie

English word guessing game Learn everyday words and kill zombies as well.

Vocabulary will “Not boring” anymore

We have included some vocabulary that should be known.

#Revise vocabulary learning

– Have fun reciting vocabulary and killing zombies too

– No need to memorize the old fashioned style

– You just keep playing You too can remember by yourself.

# Is a vocabulary that has been selected that should be known and necessary to know

– Vocabulary is abundant But actually used Only a few thousand words

– We have selected vocabulary that you need to know

#Suitable for Thai people Who already knows some English But want to learn to be better

– Eng Zombie, a vocabulary game that should be known for you

– If you want to be good at English Adding vocabulary is very necessary.

# Ranking system

– It measures who can kill the most zombies

– Invite your friends to compete Who will be the king of killing zombies

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