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Womb Sounds Help Your Baby G

About Womb Sounds

Heartbeats For Babies – The Original Since 2012

▶ The original, since 2012!

When inside the womb, babies get used to the relaxing sound of their mothers’ heartbeat and the gentle flow of bubbling water. You can now replicate this outside of the womb to help your baby sleep more comfortably.

So avoid the inconvenience of having to use a hair dryer or a vacuum cleaner for sound, and download my app for iOS (iPhone, iPad, Mac) and Android phones. It features a realistic womb-sound that reminds babies of their time inside their mother and relaxes them to encourage better sleep. The result is a happier baby and parents too!

All the ‚white noise for babies‘ clips I found on the internet sounded too artificial, so I decided to build this realistic sound for my own kids. It worked pretty well!

▶ 35 million clicks on my video ?
▶ 10 million streams on music platforms ?
▶ In the online music charts in 50 countries ?
▶ Finally, here is the app! ?

I Hope it helps! Have a try and: Good night ? ?

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