Witch’s Justice

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2023-06-16 15:47:48
Free Action Game
Requires Android
Android 4.4+

Witch’s Justice

About Witch’s Justice

Pixel Art Roguelike Action Shooting RPG. This game can be played with one hand.

I am a witch. I’m on a journey to kill evil monsters!

This is a pixel art roguelike action shooting game featuring a witch who is passionate about killing evil monsters.
Control the witch to kill the strange monsters, and kill the boss that awaits you at the top of the tower.

– How to Play
The controls are very simple! The game can be played intuitively with only one hand using the virtual joystick.
The player controls the witch and go through a different dungeon that is created each time the game is played.
Climb to the top with getting skills which power-up the witch along the way.
Skills you acquired are reset each time the game is played, but by collecting coins along the way, the player can continuously power up the witch.

A variety of monsters and diverse dungeons await you and your witch!
What is the future of the witch’s journey? What is justice for the witch?
Let’s begin the adventure with the funny witch!

Music by YouFulca https://youfulca.com

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