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2023-06-16 19:31:22
Free Simulation Game
Requires Android
Android 5.1+

Windows Bug Server Simulator

About Windows Bug Server Simulator

Operating a server with massive bugs, enjoy the bug windows and blue screen.

In this simulator game, you can back to age of 1990s, operating a server with massive bugs.

Attention, this server software were developed by a beginner programmer. You need to deal errors to make it run a little longer.

How to play:

Once the server is started, it can run with real time, even game app is closed. There will be some errors when server is running, click the correct button to solve them, make it run as longer as possible. If there are too many unsolved bugs , the computer will get blue screen and you need to reboot and restart the server.

Bug rush:

When you enter this game mode, the errors keep coming faster and faster. If you can’ t solve them in time, the computer will get blue screen and your challenge will be failed.

In this simulator game, you’ll see:

windows 9x desktop

error windows

blue screen

You can play following mini games during the server running.

Bug rush sandbox: A lot of bugs windows comming in a short time, solve them as fast as you can.

Block puzzle: A classic puzzle game with windows ui style, make blocks match in line or 3×3 squere to clear them, more blocks placed, more score you get

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