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2023-06-15 12:45:07
Free Action Game
Requires Android
Android 4.4+

Wild Animals Fight Apex Beasts

About Wild Animals Fight Apex Beasts

The final showdown of Apex Beasts wild invasion!

The world of wild animals is a harsh era which the most fearsome wild beasts roam the earth. The ultimate apex animal kings are fighting againsts each other. They invade and commit some apex animal hunting every era of the earth from desert, savanna and snowy area. From mountain, beach and jungle he invade them all, challenging every apex predator he can challenge.

The wild animal apex predator such as Lion, Tiger, Bear and Crocodile and apex herbivore such as the Buffalo, Bison, Rhino and Elephant all want to defend their homeland from each other invasion. They fight hard to become the wild animals lord and survive in their respective homeland.

The arena has been created. The wild animals found created the duel arena to prove themselves that they are the strongest beast fighter. Many animals from many eras and locations joined the duel arena, but only one can come as the top beast

How To Play:

– Use joystick to move around as the apex beasts

– Press four attack buttons to attack enemy monster

– Build up combo and unlock special attack

– Press special attack button to unleash powerful hit and stun enemy animal


– Impressive awesome realistic graphics

– Up to 3 campaigns to pick, from desert, savanna and jungle

– Up to 70 animals to play with and against, from Leopard and Wolf to Gorilla and Komodo Dragon

– Crispy sound effects and awesome action music

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