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2023-06-16 20:34:53
Free Strategy Game
Requires Android
Android 5.1+

War Strategy 2 Tower Defense

About War Strategy 2

Tower defense game! Use tactical skills & protect the base & defeat all enemies!

War Strategy Tower Defense 2 is a new exciting game in the tower defense genre TD. Take part in difficult battles, deploy the latest military equipment and apply tactical skills in the heat of battle!

War Strategy Tower Defense is a strategy, a classic representative of the “Tower Defense ” genre. This game is designed for real connoisseurs of complex tactical games.

Complete the levels and challenge the strongest enemies. With each level, there will be more enemies and you will have to meet with the strongest of them.

Your task is to protect the base. Use the latest military technologies, tactics and weapons. You will need to build defense towers, repeatedly repelling the attacks of enemy soldiers, cars, trucks and the most powerful tank units.

In this strategy game, you need to:

– combine different defense towers to repel waves of enemies

– destroy the elements of the environment to place the towers in more advantageous positions and earn more coins

– use portals, bombs, missiles in time

Quick thinking and clear coordination of all actions is the key to success.

Features of the game War Strategy Tower Defense:

– 7 types of defense towers with the possibility of upgrading

– the ability to destroy landscape objects

– 55 free perfectly balanced levels with a gradual increase in difficulty

– atmospheric soundtrack

– clear and convenient operation

– saving waves for convenience and saving time (there is no need to go through the levels again just because of one mistake)

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