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Velodash Find cycling events

About Velodash

Meet cyclists, join events, and track ride group location real-time.

Velodash app is built for group rides.

Features like itinerary planning, route analysis, and live group location sharing have made more than 20,000+ rides more engaging and safer.

Let’s create great rides together!

▼ Velodash was adopted by Singapore RIBA activity in 2018

▼ Import Velodash system in Kyoto Green Tour 2019 with over 1500 cyclists participated

〖 Main features 〗

• Trip Planner & collection

Draw your route with Velodash trip planner. Find other cyclist’s route creations near you to explore new paths.

• Route Analysis

Analyze your route with Velodash. Know more about the amplitude, slope, and length of your journey!

• Organize events

Create cycling events with necessary information like route, elevation, gathering spot, and invite friends to join! Every team member will be notified upon any modification to the event.

• Group discussion channel

Chat with teammates, discuss the itinerary, and know each other better.

• Real-time location sharing

See the real-time location of your teammates, check if they arrived to intermediate stops or finish line on your ride map.

• Group data

See ranking and team history in a group ride.

• Track workout

Limitless tracking storage, customizable ride stats set to fit your own needs, auto-pause to track accurate active time, dark mode to ride safer at night.

There are more features for you to explore, ride on cyclists!

• Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Velodash supports BLE devices, including speed/cadence sensor and heart rate monitor. Devices from any brand are supported.

▼ Know more about Velodash

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