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Ultimate Fishing! Fish Game

About Ultimate Fishing! Fish Game

Fish & Clash: Step into a realistic fishing games simulator on the go!

Welcome to Ultimate Fishing! The next gen version of mobile fishing game designed for all anglers and fishing enthusiasts world wide.

Ultimate Fishing features a variety of realistic fishing environments and a wide variety of fish species to catch. Begin your fishing journey at the Antler Lake, which is home to several different water bodies and progress your fishing hunt to other fishing spots such as Bahia Honda, Las Vueltas, and Oyster Bay. Each of these areas offers its own unique and stunning fish to catch and build your Ultimate Collection!

One of the key features of Ultimate Fishing is the high level of realism in the game.The game realistically simulates the fishing spot and the fish found in the respective location. The water, weather, lighting conditions, reflections, fish and their texture are all rendered in high detail, like no other fishing game. The fish species, size and color represent the real fish and down to the way they react to the lures / baits.

Ultimate Fishing offers a wide range of options for players to choose from. Players can go fishing in either a solo mode or participate in Tournaments and rank up the leaderboard for amazing rewards. Whether you are a casual player or a pro fisher with experience on fishing techniques, including spin fishing, fly fishing, and baitcasting you will enjoy the seamless visual flow of equipping a lure and catching fish. Collect lure cards like in CCG and upgrade your lures as you progress to catch heavier fish and rank higher.

Ultimate Fishing also features a broad variety of fish species, including bass, trouts, carp, salmon and even the elusive sharks, allowing players to test their skills and try to catch them all. Use Boosts to increase your chance of catching rare fish. Equip boost such as Luck, Chance, Weight, Speed and Sonar to augment your chance of catching the desired fish.

The game also has a wide variety of locations to fish in such as Bahia Honda, Las Vueltas, and Oyster Bay, each with its own unique environment and fish species. Bahia Honda is a tropical paradise with crystal clear water, and is home to a wide variety of colorful tropical fish, while Las Vueltas is a river delta, with a variety of species such as Bass, Catfish and more. Oyster bay is a calm bay, surrounded by mangrove forests and home to a variety of unique oyster and shrimp species.

The game also includes a variety of Missions and Tournaments that players can participate in, such as daily and hourly tournaments. These challenges add an extra layer of excitement and competition in the leaderboard enables you to thrive and improve your fishing skills.

Ultimate Fishing is a comprehensive and realistic fishing simulator that offers players the chance to experience the thrill of fishing in a variety of different environments, with a wide variety of fish species to catch. The game’s high level of realism, combined with the variety of fishing techniques and locations, makes it an incredibly engaging and enjoyable experience for both casual and serious anglers. So if you’re looking for a fishing game that will keep you hooked for hours, months and seasons, Ultimate Fishing is the game for you!

Join the hunt for fish, featuring:

– Easy to pick up and play, catering to all types of players and skills. Enjoy the cinematic vistas and realistic, eye catching fish!

– Compete and rank up against other anglers in Tournaments

– Seamless above water and underwater transition to pick / upgrade lures and get back to angling instantly

– Augment your cast with boosters that increase your Chance, Speed, Luck and Fish Weight

– Use Sonar to guide you to the best fish to catch

– Upgrade your Gear & Lures, Level up to Unlock new Fishing spots and build your Ultimate Collection of Fish!



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