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With the free app from you will see what you really like. helps you find the best films, series and programs. With this super handy

TV Guide you will never miss a program again! Quickly discover what you want to watch or stream. We

have a complete guide with more than 100 TV channels and all streaming services in the Netherlands.

With our handy reminders you can easily set a reminder for a program, movie or


More than 3 million users have already preceded you. Download the free app now!

Whether it’s this afternoon, tonight, tonight, later or tomorrow, on your TV, tablet or phone: with the

app from you can watch how and when you want. With the app you search and find the programs that you

really want to see. Watch sports (e.g. football, Formula 1, tennis or ice skating), a romantic

or action movie or the latest series. Enjoy programs about art, culture and music. follow it

latest news, watch a good documentary or the best children’s TV! With you know when

what you can see and what you really need to look at. Here you will find a complete overview of what is on

television, both live and, for example, via Netflix or Videoland.

You can do all this with the app:

– TV guide: what’s on your favorite TV channels now, later and during primetime?

– Streaming: which films and series are currently popular, new or will be launched soon?

– MijnGids: receive viewing tips and overviews based on personal preferences.

– Reminders: never miss a show or the start of a new episode thanks to


– Movies & series: watch trailers, make a watch list and decide for yourself whether you want a movie on TV or via

streaming services such as Netflix, Pathé Thuis or Videoland.

– News: always stay informed of the latest and greatest television news.

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