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2023-06-16 20:58:35
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Trivia Challenge

About Trivia Challenge

Next generation of the famous Trivia Challenge. Challenge, fun and knowledge

Enjoy the new version of online trivia game Trivia Challenge, and challenge your friends and new players worldwide online for fun, battle of brains and learning.

Trivia Challenge is an entertaining cultural game to outsmart players from all over the world. Rules are simple: you get 7 trivia questions from perfectly selected questions from various topics, pick an answer as quickly as possible to get the highest points.

Trivia Challenge game includes several features and advantages, which makes it a cultural and entertainment game par excellence:

+ Test your cultural knowledge with more than 2000 constantly updated questions from various topics:

* Guess names of famous films and football players

* Identify car names and company logos

* Discover Zoomed images

* Words definition

* Funny Riddles

* Finish lyrics, proverb, and quotes

* Learn about historical and contemporary figures

* Learn about flags and capitals of countries

* General information about animals, science and medicine

+ Play against competitors from different countries to test your skills internationally.

+ The application is designed to be smooth and easy to use.

Download now to discover more and test your cultural knowledge.

Trivia Challenge game offers a special sense of challenge and fun, in a competitive and community nature with friends.

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