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Toddler Animal Trace

About Toddler Animal Trace

A simple tracing game for children, with animals and balloons

• Designed for kids ages 2+

• Toddlers trace 24 animals in 3 environments

• Cute animations, animal sounds, and balloons to pop

This simple and fun game is an excellent way to introduce children to tracing. Your children will love watching the animals come to life as they progress through the connect-the-dot style tracings. Trace the body, next the head, then the feet, and continue on until the whole animal is traced. Completed animals are placed in their home environments where they can be interacted with.

How to Play

First, choose an animal. Second, trace each body part until the whole animal is traced. Finally, pop the balloons and place the animal in its home environment (jungle, farm, or grassland).

Simple Tracing

Children trace animals by connecting the balloons together. This is done by dragging the trace line from one balloon to the next. Several visual cues will help your child know which balloons to connect.

24 Animals

Trace the animals your children love, including: cat, dog, duck, elephant, horse, monkey, owl, turtle, and many more. Each animal features unique sounds and animations that are sure to capture your toddler’s imagination.

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