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2023-06-15 12:20:48
Free Action Game
Requires Android
Android 5.1+

Terrible Night at School

About Terrible Night at School

This Teacher is not like the others – she is huge and very angry!

Who is this Teacher? Is that old Granny? Or just a Scary Teacher? You will find out very soon! But it seems she combines everything at once – and the old and terrible Granny Teacher)

*Terrible Night at School* – It’s not just a Horror Game – it’s everything you love! Riddles, horror, action, fun, interesting puzzles, easter eggs, as well as a challenge *24 hours at school* – because you will have a limited time to complete this quest and only the real fans of fun horror will cope with it!

Your friend asked you to go to his school and pick up the diary! But he asked very much not to go at night! You did not listen to him and arrived after sunset, well, you were warned!

At night, a nightmare is happening in this school, because the Teacher turns out to be not kind and cheerful, but very angry, huge, and terrible! Run away from her, but don’t forget to bring your friend’s diary! You can leave on your bike.

Game Features:

– you have 5 lives to complete the game

– you are participating in the challenge, so you have 24 hours to complete the game

– 10 different quests

– Lots of secret passages

– And there are also many places where you can hide so that you are not seen)

– The game has hints!

– It is possible to stun the Teacher with the help of the Paint Spray and it is easier to complete the game!

– 3 difficulty modes

– Lovely environment atmosphere

– As well as cool and slightly creepy music throughout the game!

*What is this teacher doing?

Her task is to protect the school! She walks on all floors, enters every room, and also hears every sound! Therefore, it is better not to make noise!

And she is also very old like a 100 year old Granny)

*What are we doing at this school?

We need to find our friend’s diary! Therefore, you will need to explore every floor, as well as every room in this school – you don’t even know where to look for it! Also, while exploring the school – you can make noise, and this will immediately make Granny find you! Hide wherever you can, under the table, under the bed or even in the toilet, the main thing is that she does not catch you!

And also you as a modern player are given a challenge! Your task is to complete the game until the timer at the top of the screen runs out – this is the “24 Hour Challenge at School”!

Good luck to you)

*The game has 3 difficulty levels:


In this mode, the Teacher practically does not hear you, only what you drop from your hands, and she also cannot run, just like a real Granny! This mode is very easy to play – so during the passage you will sometimes be shown ads!

And you will also have 5 lives.


In this mode, the Teacher is no longer as old as Granny – but already like an athlete, because she hears almost all sounds (except for opening doors) and also if she sees you, she will already run after you! So make less noise and hide more in shelters!

You will only have 3 lives to complete the game!


There is even nothing to write here – only 1% of the players will be able to pass it!

At first you will only have 1 life! Grandma is no longer old at all – because she runs even when she just walks, And when she sees you, it’s better for you to hide somewhere right away! She is very fast! And the most difficult thing here is that it will be very dark around!! Like in a real scary school…

For more immersion in the game – it is better to play at night and with headphones, then you will be completely delighted)

Each update will add new puzzles, so this is just the beginning!

This game contains ads.

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