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2023-06-16 12:21:21
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TereoTime App for Employees

About TereoTime App for Employees

Personal App for Employees of organizations that use TereoTech’s Applications

TereoTime App is designed for Employees of Companies that use TereoTech’s Applications such as:

* Face Recognition Attendance

* Expense Reimbursement

* Payroll

* Visitor Management System

* Meeting Room Management Solution

* Inventory Management System

* and Digital Business Card Solution

TereoTime App is an Employee Experience Center enabling Employees to do a number of activities while on-the-go.

Employees just need to download the App and sign-in with their credentials to access the App functionalities of their organization.

The App uses Face Recognition technology to mark the Attendance of the Employee as well as Geo-location tagging to mark the location of Attendance.

The App provides Employees with a simple, easy to use Folder for multiple activities including:

* Apply for Leave through an integrated Leave Management System

* Submit Expense Reports for Approval through an integrated Expense Reimbursement System

* Receive Notifications when Visitors arrive for Meetings (only for Tereo Visitor Management System Users)

* Book Meeting Rooms / Work Spaces (only for Tereo Visitor Management System Users)

* Receive Notifications when Inventory movement requires Approval (only for Tereo Inventory Management System Users)

* Share Personalized Company Digital Business Cards

* and a tab to view their individual Attendance history, and Business Card connects

For Managers, the App also provides a dedicated Folder to :

* View Attendance of their Team members on a real-time basis

* Approve Leave requests

* Approve Expense Reports

* and view the Business Card connects of their Team Members

Please contact TereoTech at [email protected] for any assistance.

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