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TalkTalk Chat, Party & Ludo

About TalkTalk

the place to meet friends

TalkTalk is a social app that combines voice-chat and games. Here in TalkTalk, lots of young people gather around the globe, and have many popular voice interactive ways and hot games. We meet here, chat, get to know each other, become good friends, and get unlimited joy here, eliminating boredom!

TalkTalk provides a positive and innovative social interaction platform where you can show your talents, discover the talents of others and have a wonderful time with others.

Why choose TalkTalk?

1.Free chat without distance

Here is the hottest way to make friends at the moment, a constant stream of new friends, 7×24 hours live online, there is no shortage of young, interesting and enthusiastic new friends, want to chat, make friends.

2. Play games while chatting

Here are some of the most popular games, online parties, Ludo, fishing, jackpot.. Here, you can make friends while playing the game. At the same time, you can easily communicate with your game partners and become friends quickly

3.Gorgeous gift, free game currency

In TalkTalk, you will find that there are gorgeous gift effects, so that you can fully express your mind and personality when you meet the person you like, and also show your wealth in front of others. Complete the system tasks, you can get free game coins every day, every day you have a free opportunity to send gifts to your favorite people.

4.Noble and exclusive noble service

TalkTalk has rich noble services. When you become a noble noble player, you can enjoy the luxurious experience brought by the noble: more advanced avatar, bubble, microphone special effects; When you enter the room, your fancy car will be on display for all to see; As a noble user, can also receive a rich bounty every day, every day can enjoy the pleasure of consumption; Noble aristocrats can enjoy the exclusive 1-to-1 customer service to ensure your comfortable game experience

Now download TalkTalk to enjoy 100% rebate for beginners, we are waiting for you here, come and get together!


Dear TalkTalk users, your feedback and suggestions are welcomed to: [email protected]

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