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2023-06-16 21:25:31
Free Word Game
Requires Android
Android 5.0+


About Sutom

Sutom, guess a word a day

With SUTOM, guess a unique word a day, in just six attempts. It’s up to you to experiment until you succeed. But motus; you should not reveal the word of the day to your friends before they have tried!

The game’s rules ? Simple.

1/ The first letter is already revealed: you can only propose words that start with this one.

2/ The letters that appear in a red square are in the right place (bravo).

3/ The letters that appear in a yellow circle are not in the right place (but in the word to find).

4/ The letters that remain on a blue background are not in the word you need to find (forget them).

To help you progress, discover the training mode. We add new words to discover every day, and categorize them by level: novice, disciple, pro and expert. We have selected them according to several criteria: its use in the French language and its number of letters. By cunning a little, you will be able to discover words that you do not know (yet). Because yes, with SUTOM, we link business with pleasure.

As the games progress, climb the rankings. Yours, which brings together your previous successes. But also that of the other players: it’s now or never to enter the competition.

It’s your turn !

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