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2023-06-15 12:14:04
Free Action Game
Requires Android
Android 5.1+

Surf GO & Bhop csgo. Bunny hop

About Surf GO

Surf & bhop cs game. Play bunny hop, get skins m9 and karambit in case simulator

Become a Bhop pro playing this csgo game. Jump and slide on ramps, do cool parkour tricks and become a bunny hop pro.

Bhop is a game mode from cs where you have to jump in order to complete levels. You need to jump and turn (strafe) at the same time, play bunny hop and surf like a pro!

In this surf csgo game & bhop you can equip knives like: karambit, butterfly knife, m9 and many others!

Take any knife from the stand knife (camo, m9, gradient.) and go bhop!

Play this game and start jumping and surf on the ramps. Challenge yourself and go through many maps in neon themed Buny hop and Surf cs game modes!

Jump bhop allows you to test your skill in csgo game bhop mode!

In surf mode you need slide and jump on platforms. If you like bhop or surf cs go, then you have the opportunity to play these modes in this mobile cs game

Become a bhoper and participate in ratings, become the fastest bhop pro & surf master. Make cool jumps to complete the levels as quickly as possible!

CS: Surf GO Features:

• Surf and parkour bunny hop in this game

• Many skins: karambit, butterfly knife for bhop!

• Open cases in case simulator!

• Realistic bunnyhop and surf

• Convenient controls to make bhop and become a csgo game bhop pro!

• Open cases in case simulator to get a lot of cool knives

Amazing graphics and cool gameplay await you in csgo bhop, collect skins collection, play bunny hop and surf game and open cases in case simulator! CS: Surf GO 2023 is a fps game where you have to bhop and surf in csgo game. Play Bhop & Surf

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