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2023-06-16 17:36:26
Free Puzzle Game
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Android 4.4+

Sukar & Boo: Around The World

About Sukar & Boo: Around The World

Puzzle game aims to develop kid’s intelligence & cognitive skills for landmarks

Our Arab world is full of ancient and attractive landmarks with a contemporary history, but are our children aware of the existence and location of such landmarks? The new puzzle game is an app that will introduce your child to the ancient monuments in the Arab world. Your children will decide their own destination by completing the final puzzle, which will end with a picture of one of these landmarks with a quick background on each landmark.

Let us introduce our children to these landmarks and, thus, generate in our children a sense of pride in the presence of such landmarks in their countries, including what is considered one of the wonders of the world, in our Arab countries.

Let’s make these landmarks our children’s choice for touristic destinations in the Arab countries.

The puzzle game plays a great influence on children’s development and can be immediately noticed through three main aspects.

1- Children’s physical skills — Holding puzzle pieces and looking at them from all angles until they fit in the right place. Children will then develop a keen relationship between what their eyes see, what their hands do and what their brain relates to this information.

2- Children’s cognitive skills — as children solve the problems of a puzzle. Children also get the chance to understand the surrounding world by being allowed to literally manipulate the world around them. Children get to recognize the shapes of each puzzle which will eventually introduce them to more complex shapes that are not limited to triangles and squares. Also, children will have to remember the shape of pieces that didn’t fit at the beginning in order to use them later in the right place which will also make the child use its memory and critical thinking to solve the puzzle.

3- Emotional skills — they learn how to set goals to solve the puzzle and will learn patience to be able to get rewarded when they complete the puzzle.

These three basic skills are the building blocks for a well-rounded and developed child. Moreover, doing a puzzle with a friend or family member also allows for the growth of social skills as they work together and communicate about what fits where. This is a minor point as nearly any activity done with more than one person will have this benefit.

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