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Android 6.0+

Stylish Fonts & Fancy Keyboard

About Stylish Fonts & Fancy Keyboard

Cursive writing keyboards: unique letters & symbols! Cute emoji, cool font style

Discover the world of free fancy fonts! Install fancy letters, text symbols and stylish fonts that work with every app. You will get a stylish text with different symbols and letters. New keyboards change your normal text to the special and make you unique all the time.


Do you prefer bubble letter fonts? Looking for a cursive writing app with free cursive fonts? Or you just want a stylish handwriting keyboard? With the help of our unicode font installer, you can make your dreams come true! This easy-to-use app can make magic with your text and keep surprising you with new fancy styles full of emojis and symbols.


Amazing custom keyboard can be used for:

? Making Instagram profile unique using your own font for Instagram

? Using cool fancy text and symbols with facebook, whatsapp & other texting app

? Getting a variety of lettering for texting and many rare fonts

? Having fun with special keyboards with our fancy font generator


Attract attention and let your creativity go wild with the unicode font or old english letters! Your personal beautiful font style for android will leave no one cold! Use our text generator with a font keyboard to impress friends! The set of letters and symbols helps you to show your personality and meet all your requirements, even if you need tiny & small fonts, aa fonts, fancy key pro, bio fonts, and etc. Feel the difference and be always inspired with the wide range of letters that you may use for any purposes, with any communicators and with any messenger.

Show you style on social media! Decorate your Instagram bio and stories with free cursive letters or take your Whatsapp conversation with your friends to the next level with a cursive writing keyboard. Want to impress your soul mate in Tiktok app? With a cool fancy text from our stunning app, you can make a good impression with a couple of letters!

Using this app can not only make your social media different with ig fonts for instagram, but it gives you a full creative power to make truly unique fonts handwriting or personalize script fonts and express yourself through text and touchpal. No matter if you’re a newbie or typography professional, download fonts and use our cool and fancy app to stay unique and stylish!

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