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2023-07-17 20:12:26
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Android 5.0+

Stream Easy Donation Alert Tool

About Stream Easy

Welcome to Stream Easy, we are the source for live streaming solutions.

Stream Easy offer many solutions for live streamers to make the live stream professional and good looking. With Stream Easy – Donation Alert tool, streamers can display their UPI payment alerts on stream.

This app takes alert from notification of all UPI apps and send it to streamer’s dashboard in the web portal, that web portal displays alerts on stream.


-User Friendly: With our User friendly interface you can easily understand the all the sections.

-Real Time feed: Our app helps you to bring real time donation feed onto your dashboard and stream.

-Direct Alert display: You can directly display alert on stream with the help of link given in My Alerts.

-Customize Alert: You can customize your alert, sound in real time with the help of our real time Database.

-Color Selection: Select your favorite color for the text which will be displayed in the alert.

-Fonts and Animation: Explore wide range of fonts and text animations to make alert more beautiful.

Contact : [email protected]


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