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Strangers Awaken

About Strangers Awaken

Team up with friends, slay monsters & defeat enemies in our magic action MOBA!

Strangers Awaken is a team-based, 5v5 strategy magic MOBA game. Two teams of five battle it out in around 10-15 minutes of fast-paced, high intensity combat to defeat the other team’s dragon. Choose between countless spells, weapons, and heroes to fight your way to victory. No matter what, your skills will be the ultimate factor to win!

** Battlefield & Monsters

Fight through 3 different battle zones, all connected through portals. In each zone, different monsters and types of magic to loot await: in the top zone, you’ll find monsters and magic spells of the light and lightning classes. The middle zone has earth and fire classes, while the bottom has ice and darkness classes. Travel between them to create your ultimate magical arsenal!

** Dragon

The dragon is the sacred guardian of each team’s base. Defeat the enemy dragon to win the game, but don’t let them defeat yours!

** Magic

There are 6 classes of magic: light, lightning, earth, fire, ice and darkness. Mix and match from over 200 unique spells, shields, critical attacks, and special team abilities.

** Heroes

We have 10 unique hero classes, and each hero has 16 levels. Additionally, all heroes have 15 different stats (like max health, attack damage, etc.), each of which also has 16 levels.

Want to improve your stats? Upgrade your heroes or fuse 2 heroes together. Or, if you’re feeling lucky, try randomizing them too! Leveling up your hero will also grant you access to more equipable items—mix and match them to fit your tastes and playstyle!

** Level Your Heroes!

Your skills will be the ultimate factor to win. However, it’s important to have a strong hero! After winning a battle, team members will be distributed rewards, based on their performance in game. The stronger your hero, the better the chance that you’ll beat more enemies, kill more monsters, and top the scoreboard of your team!

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