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SpeakEasy Home Speech Therapy

About SpeakEasy

Boost your child’s early language development with this speech therapy app

SpeakEasy has been shown by a rigorous randomized control trial to improve parent-child communication. SpeakEasy is trusted by 100,000+ parents and speech therapists as the leading app for early speech and language development.

Accelerate the speech and language learning of your baby, toddler, or child from age 0-5+ with SpeakEasy. SpeakEasy is built both for parents of children with speech delay or learning disabilities and for parents of typically developing children.

Our speech therapy app empowers you with evidence-based activities written by our team of speech therapists. SpeakEasy activities are easy to do at home and help whether or not your child is in speech therapy.

A randomized control trial completed in May, 2021 showed parents using SpeakEasy were 3 times more likely to report improved communication with their children after three months.

⭐Over 100,000 parents and speech therapists trust us⭐

?For parents of early language learners with or without speech delay, plus a special version of the app for SLPs

SpeakEasy is built for early childhood speech and language development. This speech therapy app is for you if you have a baby, toddler, or any other early language learner. We customize all our content to your child’s stage, rather than age, including the preverbal, first words, word combiner, and full sentences levels.

We’re here for all caregivers who want to focus on the speech and language development of their child, whether or not they have a speech delay or are currently receiving therapy.

?At home language learning

Speech language pathologists (SLPs) know the best place to learn language is in the comfort of your home. We’re founded by an SLP and we work alongside SLPs as a supplement to their services, to help teach you exactly how to boost your own child’s language development.

?Parent-focused with no screen time for your child

Direct interaction between caregivers and their children has the biggest impact on education and development. Our app is focused on empowering the caregiver, instead of handing your phone over to your child.

?Help your child say first words

Our app can help your baby, toddler, or older child move from babbles to first words and beyond! All children learn at a different pace, and we’re here as a resource for parents of all preverbal or nonverbal children.

?Improve your toddler’s speech

SpeakEasy is effective for toddlers, a critical language learning period. If you’re worried that your child might be a bit behind, or just want them to get a leg up, then SpeakEasy is for you.

?Pronunciation and articulation activities

Help your child work on pronouncing certain sounds like “S”, “L”, or “R”. We give you a set of at-home activities that you can try that does not rely on screen time for your child.

?Customized with a Personalized Language Journey

Our guided experience takes you step by step through your child’s own Personalized Language Journey based on the needs of you and your early talker. We not only customize activities to your child’s language level, but also to different tracks focusing on language, articulation, attention, or understanding.

?Word tracker, skill tracker, learning articles, and more!

We have many more features to help you and your child communicate more often and more effectively:

-Video Learning

-Word Tracking

-Skill and Goal Tracking

-Routine-Based Activities so you don’t disrupt your day

-Learning Articles about bilingual speech development, screen time, and more

-Seasonal Activities for thematic fun

-And much more!

?Start a free trial of SpeakEasy Unlimited!

SpeakEasy Unlimited unlocks a ton of activities, language-teaching techniques, speech and language articles, child progress tracking, and more. Start with a free trial.

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