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2023-06-16 17:11:28
Free Educational Game
Requires Android
Android 5.0+

Solviks Rubiks Cube Solver

About Solviks

Game, solver & tutorials on the rubiks cube

Have you ever wondered how to solve the rubiks cube? Do you want to become a pro at it? If that’s the case, this app is for you!

This app is made of a game, a solver and tutorials in the same place.

The game lets you solve a cube of various possible sizes in order to practice your skills and improve your performance. Stats are available to track your performance. Note that different cube styles also exist to make the game even more fun.

Moreover, the game works with Google Play Games. When playing, a score is given to you, depending on the cube’s difficulty and your performance, to compare yourself to other players on a leaderboard. Achievements are also available so you can challenge yourself.

The solver allows you to solve a cube of size 2 or size 3 with the smallest amount of moves. Just enter the colors that constitute your cube’s configuration and let the solver guide you with animations showing you the moves to apply.

With the tutorials you can learn how to solve the cube of size 2 or size 3. They will guide you step by step and will show you how to solve each layer of the cubes with detailed explanations and animations. These tutorials are also available during the game phase so you can find help while practicing your skills.

Note that this app contains ads and an in-app purchase called Pro.

Pro gives you access to advanced features: the removal of ads, more cube sizes and styles to play with, longer games, score bonuses, access to the solver and the tutorial for cubes of size 4, and access to the solver’s camera scanner that lets you scan your real cube’s faces directly instead of entering colors one by one.

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