Solitaire Deluxe® 2

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2023-06-15 18:28:56
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Solitaire Deluxe® 2

About Solitaire Deluxe® 2

Solitaire Deluxe® 2 – Great Way to Relax! What is Your Next Move?

Solitaire Deluxe® 2 is the only leading solitaire app to give you over 20 solitaire variations for free, including classic and all of the most popular forms, and simple tutorials to help you out.

Solitaire Deluxe® 2 now has the world’s most fun leaderboards! Play with your friends and neighbors on a team, or compare scores with other players from around the world.

Exclusive Intelli-Tap™ card logic puts your card in the best space with just one tap… or, if you prefer, play the classic way and drag cards to the correct destination. With Solitaire Deluxe® 2 you’re in control.


– Draw 1 and Draw 3 Klondike… plus 20 others like Spider, FreeCell, and Tri-Peaks!

– Exercise your brain: Best-in-class tutorials for all 20 solitaire variations.

– In-Game shop for exclusive cards & backgrounds.

– Winnable Deals – Thousands of guaranteed winnable deals for every game!

– Beautiful HD Graphics.

– Play with friends by signing in to Facebook, or play solo.

– Amazing leaderboards show how your scores stack up, and how smart your team is!

– Exclusive Easy Read™ cards.

– Exclusive Intelli-Tap™ card movement logic.

– Best-in-class customer care for any questions.

Some of our Solitaire variations:

– Spiderette is a quick version of Spider, using only 1 deck of 52 cards. Assemble runs to clear tricks! The object is to clear the tableau of all cards. When one tableau pile contains 13 cards sorted down in suit from King to Ace, those cards are removed from the tableau.

– Pyramid is a simple, fun game with a little bit of math. The object is to remove all 28 cards from the triangular Tableau. Remove cards by pairing cards that add up to 13. Aces have a value of 1, Jacks are 11 and Queens are 12. Since Kings are valued at 13, they may be removed alone without making a pair.

Your mobile device has advanced… isn’t it time your solitaire did, too?

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