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soldout(솔드아웃)-믿을 수 있는 한정판 플랫폼

About soldout(솔드아웃)-믿을 수 있는 한정판 플랫폼

Guaranteed authenticity, same-day shipping – from sneakers to tech

From out of stock sneakers, street wear, luxury, tech, life, games, toys to albums

You can buy and sell all limited edition items in the world!

■ Soldout Services and Benefits

• Daily Raffle: Check your luck by applying for limited edition sneakers and luxury items every day for 365 days!

• Daily Drop: Daily 11am/11pm, special price and limited collection only available at Soldout

• Black Box: The most enjoyable way to buy a limited edition, a random item that meets every day at 10:00 am

• Welcome Points: Points that can be used immediately upon new sign-up

• Payment promotion: Various purchase and sale promotion benefits for sold-out members

• Safe Point: A safe point that compensates the buyer for the waiting time in the event of a transaction delay or rejection.

• Sold-out coupon: Added sold-out coupon function to provide more benefits

■ 100% Genuine Guarantee, ‘Sold Out Trade’

• Professional Inspection: Authenticity and quality verification through the best group of experts in Korea

• Authentication: Authentication with Korea Minting & Security Corporation’s anti-counterfeiting technology added

• Perfect Guarantee: More reliable with a 300% compensation system for non-genuine products!

• Transaction Information: Real-time transaction execution status and quote graphs that can be checked 24 hours a day

■ ‘Sold out center storage’ for fast and safe storage and transactions

• Center storage: Leave your products in sold-out first and switch to sales at any time!

• Express speed: Products stored in the center are shipped to the buyer on the same day as ‘direct delivery’, and quick settlement for the seller

• Passing 98 points: Selling is possible after converting all buyer confirmation levels to center storage for both storage sales and general transactions!

■ Sold-out original content

• Release Information: Real-time updated limited edition release information and entry

• Daily News: Find out about sneakers, fashion and collectibles from around the world.

• Video and Pictorial: Original YouTube content and high-sensitivity pictorial produced by Soldout.

■ Sold out offline

• Drop Zone: Save on shipping costs with our 24/7 Drop Zone, available anytime, without reservations or quantity restrictions. Boxes are also available for packaging!

• Showrooms: Sold-out showrooms located in Seongsu and Mok-dong where exhibitions, pop-up stores, and limited editions can be purchased immediately.

• Sneaker Care: Premium care guaranteed by sold-out with the best experts in Korea

■ Tradeable categories and brands

• Sneakers/Streetwear: Nike, Jordan, Adidas, Yeezy, Supreme, Stussy, Off-White, iAppStudio, Salomon, etc.

• Luxury: Chanel, Dior, Bottega Veneta, Goyard, Rolex, Tiffany, Hermes, Gucci, Burberry and more.

• Tech/Life: Apple, Dyson, Helinox, Snowpeak, Byredo, Diptyque, Jo Malone, Creed, etc.

• Games/Toys: PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Lego, figures, Hot Wheels, trade cards, Pokemon cards, art toys, goods, etc.

■ Official social channels

• Instagram:

• YouTube:

■ Customer inquiry

• 1:1 inquiry at the bottom of the ‘My’ tab of the app

[email protected]

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