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2023-06-16 20:57:31
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Android 6.0+

Smash or Pass Anime Game

About Smash or Pass Anime Game

Discover anime character love matches! Swipe to find out who they’d date.

Get ready to dive into the ultimate anime dating experience with our exciting new game! With over 7500 unique characters to choose from and more than a thousand anime titles to explore, the possibilities are endless.

Here’s how it works: simply select your favorite character and filter through the anime options until you find the perfect match. Then, swipe right if you think they would hit it off, or swipe left if the sparks just aren’t there. If the feelings are mutual, you’ll unlock detailed statistics on this adorable new couple. And as you continue to play, you’ll even get to see the top pairings for each character – a must-know for any true anime fan!

So why wait? Download the game now and let the fun begin!

The names of the characters belong to their authors. All images are taken from open sources, and each of them has a link to the author’s page. Please contact us if you would like to remove them from the game.

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