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2023-06-16 21:38:35
Free Word Game
Requires Android
Android 5.0+

Słowo polska gra słowna

About Słowo

Wordle in Polish without limits! Guess today’s password in 6 tries!

Unlimited daily passwords! You don’t have to wait all day to play again.

Słowo is a Polish word game where you have to guess hidden words in 6 tries, where each try must be a correct 5-letter word. After each attempt, the color of the tiles indicates how close you were to guessing the password.

What do the tile colors mean?
• ? Green: the letter is in the right place in the password.
• ? Yellow: the letter is in the password, but in a different position.
• ⬛️ Gray: the letter is not in the password.

After the game is over, you can share your score with your friends without spoiling their guessing fun. Earn achievements and track your progress in the Stats tab!

The Word game is a Polish adaptation of the popular word game that conquered the world – Wordle, created by Josh Wardle. The game resembles the game shows 5 × 5 – let’s win together and Lingo.

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