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2023-06-16 19:48:20
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Seçim 2023 Başkan Oyunu

About Seçim 2023

Will you be able to power your party? Win the 2023 election and become president!

Create your own character and political party, be a candidate for the 2023 Turkish elections! Organize rallies during the election period, travel all over Turkey to participate in events, be a guest on television programs and try to gather the support of the public. Improve your relations with other parties in the parliament and propose laws. Compete with other parties on election day!

The fate of the whole of Turkey may be in your hands!

Election 2023, the best presidential election game, is waiting for you with its 3D advanced graphics and unlimited content.

When you start the game, you create your political leader and set up your party. After determining the ideological views of the party, you organize the party’s organization and you are ready for election activities. By organizing the party’s rally in all cities of Anatolia, you introduce your party to the public, you get votes by making promises. You can collect passive income by building buildings such as art centers, mosques, stadiums, universities in your city. You can participate in TV shows or live broadcasts from the media building and have a dialogue with your opponents. By presenting new law proposals in the parliament, you can draw the fate of the country and fight for a better Turkey! You have to make good choices because millions of people trust you!

You can add new decorations to your city and office; Ataturk flag, Ottoman flag, football team flags and much more!


– Realistic 3D scenes

– Long career mode

– Compete with real players

– Fully Turkish game content

– Meetings in all Turkish cities

– Ministries and diplomacy

Will your political leader be the new president of Turkey? Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya…

Download now for free and start your presidential career, determine the future of Turkey in the 2023 elections!

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