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2023-06-15 12:25:33
Free Action Game
Requires Android
Android 5.1+

SCP Foundation: Object SCP-173

About SCP Foundation: Object SCP-173

Discover the mystery of the SCP Foundation and escape From Object SCP-173

SCP Foundation: Object SCP-173, is a free single-player First-person horror survival game fully based on the popular foundation SCP Foundation, and the Object SCP-173.

SCP Foundation: Object SCP-173, is a puzzle survival horror game, where you play as a prisoner at the SCP Foundation, the SCP-173 escapes the experiment room and made the SCP Foundation facility a dangerous place.

The Object SCP-173 kills and murders the SCP Foundation doctors and military, and made the whole facility a valley of blood, and you are Imprisoned in the cell, and your only way is to escape the SCP Foundation and run from the monster Object SCP-173.

SCP Foundation: Object SCP-173, is a horror survival game full of puzzles and mysteries and challenging enemies, with a variety of game modes and graphics VHS mode, and height Quality gameplay.

SCP Foundation: Object SCP-173 is a simulation and horror survival game, that simulates the experience of the SCP- Foundation Containment Breach

Will you manage to escape the SCP Foundation: Object SCP-173 or the Object SCP-173 will breaks your neck?

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