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2023-06-15 12:36:42
Free Action Game
Requires Android
Android 5.0+

Rocket PSP Emulator for PSP

About Rocket PSP Emulator

Emulator for PSP ISO games and emulated homebrew

Dear gamers. We glad to present you the easiest way of emulation to play PSP games and PSP homebrew on your Android device, the same way as modern PS4 games and PC games, and even easier. If you already download PSP games from your PSP console, then you can emulate them using Rocket Emulator. Become great lord of war and enjoy any ufc game while taken resurrection of cool ROMs.

New technologies of emulation work and inspire everyone. You will reach great performance in PSP games, perfect graphics and nice gameplay. Simply use common PSP ROMs, PSP CSO and PSP ISO game formats to emulate PSP games.

It is possible to run ufc game the same way as PS3 games and on original console, this is taken resurrection for oldschool gaming.

Do you have favourite PC games? Even if you have a budget low-end device, Rocket PSP Emulator will finely help you playing your favourite PSP games. Because of set of such fine factors Emulator works just like a real Rocket! Do you ever imagined playing greater than PC videogames?

Let’s focus on Rocket PSP Emulator advantages. Definitely, you will feel best gaming experience playing videogames and feel pop games culture because PSP games are great addition to Android ones.

You will also have PSS, PSV, PPS and POP settings performance emulated with ISO, CSO and cool ROMs formats emulated. Videogame performance is good on both high-end and low-end devices (as PS4 games load), sound effects ufc game taken resurrection is perfect.

Fast smooth gameplay as on the real PSP console with cool ROMs. Here you are resolution, shader, graphics and realistic sound emulation improvements which bring oldschool games to completely new level. Become lord of war!

Being god of war means having your smartphone the same way as game controller in your hands using emulated touch controls, or connect separate one. Different controllers are supported, including game controller from PS4 games (simply connect it using micro usb to your smartphone). PSP games controls are much similar to PS3 games and PS4 games, but it has only single L and R button instead of double ones in game controller.

It is necessary to note that playing PSP CSO can be slower than playing PSP ISO because of compression. So, PSP ISO is generally recommended. You may also use PSS, PSV and PPS settings.

With Rocket PSP Emulator you will be able to emulate and become best god of war in emulated PSP games, feel speed of amazing persona racing tracks and more. The incredible world, better than PC videogames one, is waiting for you!

You will feel how pop games on PSP console are in terms of any persona which like PC videogames. If you want to download PSP games, then you need original PSP console, but for homebrew you can download self-made PSP games PSP homebrew is a community contribution and the same thing as indie PC games community.

Please, note that Rocket Emulator is created in educational purposes and based only on legit and free sources. If you want to team-up, simply email us! Feel free to ask if you don’t know how to configure, contact us via email, so we will be able to help you.

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