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2023-06-15 12:38:10
Free Action Game
Requires Android
Android 5.1+

Rainbow Garten Survivor

About Rainbow Garten Survivor

Enter a world of horror and survival, where you must fight bam bam monsters.

Welcome to Bam Bam World, a magical adventure game. Explore the horror kinder garden and fight bam monsters.

In the Rainbow Garten Survivor mobile game, you are trapped in an abandoned kindergarten playground, which now serves as a laboratory for creepy experiments. The Banben monsters lurk around every corner, ready to jump out and scare you at any moment. From the moment of your capture, you must survive five nights and unravel the mystery of Bam Bam kindergarten.

Six playtime modes, with each evening consisting of a special mission or challenge you must complete while avoiding the banben monsters. It’s playtime!


? Mode 1: Baby Bird Rescue

? Mode 2: Mission impossible

? Mode 3: Blood Hunt

? Mode 4: Room Escape

? Mode 5: Monster Chase

? Mode 6: Giant Snail Look

HOW TO SURVIVE – Rainbow Garten Survivor

? Baby Bird Rescue

Pink Bird Monster will chase and catch you if it sees you, but it will stop if you’re holding a baby bird. Your task is to collect and bring the baby birds back to their nest.

? Mission impossible

Follow the tutorial and avoid the Lina monster. If you don’t complete all tasks in a limited time, Lina Mama will beat you up with the super-long ruler.

? Blood Hunt

Collect the blood samples of 8 Captain monsters that are running around the game map. Bring them back to the center and inject them into the pump.

? Room Escape

It will be challenging room game mode when you have to face a lot of bosses at the same time. The banben white monster will chase you from behind, while the green Jumo monster will suddenly ambush you from both sides. Move quickly and cautiously towards the front.

?Monster Chase

Jump and slide to save your life. The green Jumo monster will chase you and punch you with his boxing wrestler’s hands.

?Giant Snail Look

Pay attention to the giant snail monster’s eyes. You can only move when it’s not looking. Try to reach victory as fast as possible and, most importantly, survive.

?TIPS: Follow the monster’s instructions and complete all missions in each level to survive and unveil the secrets of the abandoned kindergarten.

No more playtime. There is no one else except for you and the kindergarten monster. For those seeking a thrill, Garten of Rainbow Monsters offers a horror and survival experience where players must fight monsters and solve the deserted garden’s mystery. Enjoy the mobile version of the horror mascot game!

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