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2023-06-16 17:25:45
Free Music Game
Requires Android
Android 5.1+

Rainbow Friends FnF Tiles Hop

About Rainbow Friends

Playing Rainbow Friends FnF Tiles Hop for fun and relaxing

Rainbow Friends FnF Tiles Hop ! is an amazing Tiles Hop game that makes music fun! It is an easy music game that everyone can play.
Come to challenge yourself while enjoying music.
Hold & Drag to control ! You can easily perform a EDM music Rainbow Friends FnFSong by yourself.
With fun and ease, EDM Rush Rainbow Friends VS FnF songs will flow freely by your fingers.

How To Play
Tap the ball Hold & Drag continuously to follow the music melody. You can unlock new more songs Rainbow Friends Roblox when you get more stars in the game.

※ SIMPLE GAMEPLAY ※ (Tiles Hop – Magic Tiles)
? Listen to the music, Hold & Drag Ball Hop
? Do not tap the wrong areas!
? Headphones are recommended for a better experience ?

※ GAME FEATURES ※ (Piano Tiles – Magic Tiles)
? Easy to learn but hard to master
? hot songs from all around the world!
? You can DIY the game skin!

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