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2023-06-16 17:04:36
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Pretend Play Fire Station Game : Town Firefighter

About Pretend Play Fire Station Game : Town Firefighter

Become a Rescue firefighting hero & save your home town as expert Firefighter!

Become a fireman! Pretend to play the fire station gives you the opportunity to discover hero stories with your imagination in pretend kids firefighter game. Play in your own dollhouse and make the story of saving citizens from fire incidents. Wear your fireman outfit with gloves, a helmet, boots and take out a fire truck in the city. Rescue people from accidents and be the hero that this town needs. Learn about the gear firemen use on the job. Train how to handle different dangerous situations. Learn about the dangers of electricity, gas and oil during a fire in the house and how to put out different kinds of fire. Help people in the hours they need in city houses; plunge into burning buildings, and remove obstacles with appropriate tools and put out the fire; get ready and follow your orders; Check the city surveillance system at the fire station.

All day long little firemen have to deal with the dangerous lifesaving tasks in fire rescue story. It is something like they are chosen to run a fire station. Let’s get all the capabilities of a kid’s firefighter hero to handle the tough situations. Gather all your courage to complete all impossible missions of fire truck games. Get ready for a noble job and save many lives from danger. Oh no! Someone, please call the fire station, there’s a terrible fire out here in the city & house. Become a Firefighter and save people with your super courage and strength. Select your favorite character and become an adventurous fireman and save all the innocent lives & keep them safe from harm with your amazing skills and fire. You can also use a helicopter to rescue the people from the city fire. Complete the fire rescue story by spraying water on all the fires, don’t leave a single one burning. This pretend firefighter Fire Rescue Simulator, you have a great opportunity to become a fireman who can help all the people who are in danger.

A realistic fire rescue car driving & steering wheel, gas and brake pedals and gear options will guide you through this fire fighter truck experience. When a fire starts, be aware and ready for the warning. Then haste and get to the fire area. Help your kids to learn firefighting equipment and join the firemen task of saving lives. Play and complete all the fire rescue activities in fire rescue story and experience the pride of becoming a firefighter.

Nearly every child has at least dreamed of being a real hero and saving lives. And now you have such a chance in kids firefighter game it’s a real-life fire rescue story. With great pleasure, we present our new game “Pretend Kids Firefighter”. This fire rescue story game will help you feel like a real firefighter, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this great profession, will show the challenges and difficulties that professional firefighters must face to face every day. In our development game you will have many difficulties and dangers, to show resourcefulness and ingenuity.

Key Features;

• Use your fire truck to put out the fire in the city
• Imagine you are a firefighter in different locations in town
• Wash and repair the fire truck
• Be a firefighter and save the city from the emergency
• Check your accuracy and speed as you put out the fire
• Move side to side and spray water on the flames
• Come to the rescue and save the day

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