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2023-06-16 16:51:46
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Android 4.4+

Power Girls – Fantastic Heroes

About Power Girls – Fantastic Heroes

Fuse & collect cute superhero girls, dress up, play mini games & save the city!

Have you ever played a game where you have to fuse super girls in order to get more of them? No? Welcome to Power Girls – Fantastic Heroes!

Power Girls are moving into their skyscraper penthouse at the top of the city! Fuse fantastic superhero girls & hatch new Power Girls from traveling capsules! Complete your cute magical collection of superhero girls, play fun mini games, and protect the city from villains!

Play & win mini games and fit the superhero girls’ penthouse in the city with beautiful furniture and things you can interact with. Would you like to soak in a jacuzzi? Jump on a trampoline? Or maybe visit the vending machine for some Super Power Food? Suit yourself – the Fantastic Superheroes’ penthouse is yours to explore!

Fuse superhero girls together to get new supergirls & complete your cute collection! Hatch superhero girls from their traveling capsules and take care of them. Feed them some superfood to regain energy and play!

Fuse, collect & pick your favorite superhero girls character from your Power Girls collection and play fun mini games. Jigsaw puzzles, creative, adventurous, and other cool mini games await!

Make your superhero girls even more cute – dress up Power Girls in cool trendy clothes! Choose cute superhero dresses and accessories to turn the girls into powerful fashionistas!

Download and play Power Girls – Fantastic Heroes today! Complete your cute superhero girls collection and protect your city, and its residents and pets!

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