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2023-06-16 16:39:46
Free Casual Game
Requires Android
Android 6.0+

Planet evolution idle merge

About Planet evolution

A combination of planets, soaring across the vast universe.

A planetary synthesis evolution puzzle game, in the process of the game, it is necessary to synthesize and evolve planets of the same level into higher-level planets, collect more rewards, and focus on development and evolution. The game style is simple and the game is for players. Bring more surprise game fun.

The game combines classic and popular gameplay. Players develop planets through synthesis, evolution, and upgrades, unlock mysterious planets, break through difficult gameplay, and challenge and expand planets.

Daily benefits are uninterrupted, daily gift boxes, lottery turntables, double rewards, and automatic income gold coins.

*Offline can also be automatically earned, the benefits are continuous.

*Synthetic evolution game with simple and easy operation.

*A lot of planets are waiting for you to collect and evolve, full of interesting synthetic difficulty challenges.

*A must-have game for leisure and entertainment, easy to decompress and play.

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