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Piano Anime Tiles Music

About Piano Anime

Challenge Your Finger Speed ​​In Playing Piano Anime Tiles Music Offline

Piano Anime Tiles Music Offline

Piano Anime Tiles Music is a Piano game with the most popular and newest anime songs today. This Anime Tiles game is designed for those of you who want to feel the sensation of being a famous pianist with songs from the Opening, Ending and Ost Anime.

The old anime opening songs are also here, such as: opening D*oraemon, opening S*aint Seiya, Opening S*iloor Moon, opening D*agon Ball, opening N*ruto and many more. Until the opening songs of new anime such as: opening / ending / ost Black Clover, K*metsu No Yaiba (Tanjiro), SAO, F*ire Force, B*ruto, and many more.

This Anime Tiles game is very easy to play, you only have to press the tiles provided, be it short tiles or long tiles. Tiles will run slow or fast depending on the tempo of the existing anime songs. The game will end if you press the wrong tile that is running.

There are songs with slow tempos which we classify as easy mode games, for those of you who are still new to this Anime Piano Tiles game.

Continue to support this game, and look forward to updates from upcoming anime songs.

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