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Free Racing Game
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Android 11.0+

Overleague: Cars For Metaverse

About Overleague: Cars For Metaverse

Overleague is a decentralized racing game featuring tons of futuristic cars.

“Ready. Set. Race! Welcome to Overleague!”

Overleague is a decentralized racing game where the player competes against others by racing futuristic cars. Do you feel the need for speed? Then Overleague is just the game for you. Jump in and race.

However, hours of racing restlessly can make even the most hardcore racers feel tired, then why don’t you try designing your own car? We provide just the right tool for you. Decals, materials, shapes, colors, everything you need to come up with the design that rocks

Furthermore, why stop at racing solo, while you can have others race for you? Buy more cars, build a team, recruit racers, hold a competition, become a collector.


Let the car show your personality, and shine with your design. We offer a variety of items such as paint, nitro, wheels, nitro boost, wrap. Apply different looking items to your car and turn it into a moving masterpiece.

And that’s not enough.

You can create your own set of wrap using our Workshop, and when we talk about “create”, we mean it. Apply icons, color, shapes, decals, create your unique wrap, the limit is your imagination


Overleague isn’t just about cars, it’s about combining, and finding the best car combination to win the race. You start a race by crafting a car using Engines, Wheels, Body and Nitrous Part, different combinations result various cars.

Each has its own strengths, weaknesses, and also, stylish look.

Looking for muscle cars, sport cars, futuristic cars? We have them.


Crafting is good, having a collection of cars is even better. Garage is where you keep all of your metal machines, and let others be green with envy looking at the size of your collection.


Race against rival players in intense match. Make your way to the top.


Embark on the street racing experience with our tracks and tight control. Feel the thrill of drifting going through your veins, and the excitement of nitrous boost at your fingertips. Race, Drift and Win.


▶ Addictive, action-packed gameplay

▶ Customize till you please

▶ Tight and responsive control

▶ Stunning graphics, beautiful worlds

▶ The endless combination of car parts

See you in Overleague!

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