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2023-06-16 13:26:12
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Opencord Web3 Social Platform

About Opencord

DAOs, DApps & DAO friends

Opencord is the Web 3.0 social platform built for DAOs. It is designed for the efficient connections of DAOs, the seamless connections of DApps, and the like-mindedness connections of DAO friends.

We make it easy for you to discover and manage your favorite DAOs by connecting easy-to-use DAO tools and DApps to power up your DAO workflow. Take your web3 social connections to the next level with token-gating, web3 identity, and more.

With Opencord, you get:

– Seamlessly switch between chat, voice, forum, links, and more.

– Interact directly with DApps, DAO tools, and other awesome things.

– Token-gate your communities, no clunky bots needed.

– Highlight your web3 identity with NFTs, POAPs, and more.

– Bring your own identity, data and reputation.

We are built for DAOs and building together with DAO friends. Come and join us to build the ideal Web3 homebase and shape the future.

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