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Onoco Shareable Baby tracker

About Onoco

Baby tracker. Family Organiser. Baby development plan. Smart Baby schedule

We believe that tracking should be combined with a custom daily routine and child development tips created by experts – all available in one app. That modern baby app should be simple, safe and easy to share. Why? Parenting is already hard enough.

Onoco is peace of mind in the palm of your hand, providing:

Baby Tracking and Analysis

– Sleep and nap tracker

– Breastfeeding / feeding tracker

– Potty tracker

– Nappy tracker

Child Development

– Growth tracker and digital growth charts

– Milestones tracker

– Personalised child development tips based on EYFS*

Family Schedule

– Know your newborn’s sleeping and eating habits

– Personalise your own unique routine for your family

– Make the calendar work for you with personalised increments*

– Reminders for feeds, naps, and activities

– Add appointments and childcare arrangements*

Sharing is Caring

– Add to your family’s profile by inviting your partner, family and professional caregivers such as nannies and childminders

– Safe and secure photo sharing

– Quick and easy access to emergency protocol

– Download data for sharing with healthcare professionals*

Onoco works with your family and is your helping hand during the first five years of your child’s life. Use it for tracking and analysis; a log for childcare; to share memories with distant family, and to be able to celebrate milestones together. However you choose to use Onoco it will be there for you.

*Features available with Onoco Premium

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