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Nojoto: Poems, Stories, Shayari, Rap, Thoughts

About Nojoto: Poems, Stories, Shayari, Rap, Thoughts

Record Poems, Rap, Stories,Opinions, Experiences , Shayari Videos & Write Quotes

To talk is the easiest form of human expression. 7.5 billion People on earth can talk & speak. But, there is no platform for people to talk & express without friction on Mobile App & also amplified the experience of talking.

And that’s why we built Nojoto: To enable people to Talk – What matters to them in their language

Call it Storytelling, Talking, Speaking, Blogging, Vblogging, Podcasting – it is all centered on our expression, and we’ve made Nojoto as the best expression platform to enable people voice their expressions.

1. Talk – Podcast, Vblog
– Record Quotes, Stories, Poem, Shayari Videos
– Record Experiences, Opinions, Ideas
– Record videos on Love, Breakup & other Emotions.
– Record Videos on Trending Topics

2. Record Voice – Videos & Audio
– Record up to 4 minutes
– Record Stories with Background Music
– Add Music to Voice

3. Write Text on Photos & Gifs
– Write Quotes, Love Poems, Shayari, Online Diary
– Best writing app

4. Explore what the world is talking about:
– Podcast on Life Experiences, Love, Breakup, Comedy, Horror
– Poetry, Shayari, Rap, Relationships
– Motivational & Inspirational Videos
– Opinions on Politics, Cricket, Religion, Bollywood News, Social Issues
– Debates Trending News from India & the World

5. Download & Watch millions of videos & stories specially curated for you
– Tap to Play/Pause the Videos
– Swipe down to move to next Story

6. Win Prizes, Gifts & Rewards
– Participate in the contests and win prizes, gifts, and other rewards.

7. Become Famous Storyteller:
– Your words, your Stories can move the world.
– Become famous Storyteller across India & the world.
– Get Followers, become Influencer
– Meet new people & Make new friends
– Perform in Nojoto Open MICs and increase grow your stardom!

8. Your story – Your Language:
– Write & Talk in your Mother language – Hindi, English, Urdu, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Marathi, Tamil, Telgu, Malyalam, Oriya, Kannada

Want us to add your language or any other feedback – Email us at [email protected].

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