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About News Home

Local Breaking News in Your Neighborhood. Download For Local Crime & Local News!

?? News Home is THE News Launcher App For YOU!

? One Swipe Access to all your favorite news sources in one place. Swipe right to open your local news feed, and swipe left to go right back to your home screen. Smooth, and seamless.

? Dynamic home screen shortcuts for your top 5 favorite news sources. ? All news organized into separated topic categories for the smoothest local news experience you can find on the app store.

? Have more control over your device than ever before. Make your phone even more customized!

? Enhanced total phone, web, and voice search functionality

✅ Completely customizable home screen using the latest in AOSP technology

? Get the latest breaking and local news! ? Whether you want to stay up to date with neighborhood news, or national / world news, we have you covered! News Home provides the perfect app to make sure you are always up to speed, and never missing important local news ever again! News Home is a launcher app that utilizes the home screen / breaking notifications as the main tool to make sure you are always receiving the latest updates. ? In order to get Breaking local news to you as quickly as possible, we rearrange app icons that were previously set on the home screen. News home turns your device into a hyper focused local news tool! No worries though, you can always navigate back to all your other applications with one easy swipe up which will take you to the app drawer⚡

What about weather updates? Can I get custom local News? Can I get traffic news? ?The answer to all of these questions is… Yes, of course! Not only do we offer headline news but we offer practical local news updates as well, not to mention the custom news filter we have integrated, you can directly choose what news you can see! Come see why we have been given over 50,000 5-star reviews!

We don’t just offer the local news; dive into out wide array of news topics! Sports news, entertainment news, live update news, and much more. We love our topical news and our users can enjoy their own, premium local news together. Get News Home today!

News Home is the leading local news app on the market with state-of-the-art technology integrated into our app!

News Home Features:

Local News Topics

– Get breaking local news, and neighborhood news

– Local crime news, local daily weather news

– FAST breaking local news: get local news updates as they happen!

Breaking News: National, Local, & World

– Live World News

– National News updates live

– Local news updates when they happen

Your Local News

– News filter so you get ONLY local news that you want!

– This will ensure that you get your own personalized news feed! Our app technology will ensure that you only get the news that you choose!

– Whether you’re a casual local news surfer, or perhaps you are a news aficionado, we have the perfect app to suit your news consumption needs!


– Easiest news app to use! With our one swipe news access, all you need to do is swipe right on the home screen!- Entertainment news, tech news, market news, weather news, political news, sports news, democrat news, republican news, humorous news, health news, and so much more!

– You won’t have to sort through your other apps ever again!

– Local news on demand, fast and always relevant news that you pick out!

– Home screen news access

Dynamic Home Screen Shortcuts

– Pick out your top local news sources and get shortcuts populated on your screen!

– This makes news even more accessible than ever!

– Get Local news or national news shortcuts

At News Home, we provide a premium news experience. News Home brings you the very best news functionality to keep you informed on the latest news topics and deliver you custom local news & breaking news

Our News Launcher App will deliver you the most value and latest information that is available. We give you the best local news, national news, and world news experience. Our local news experience is unmatched, local information is vital!

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