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Never Have I Ever Party Games

About Never Have I Ever Party Games

Dirty drinking games for adults 18+. Never Have I Ever Dirty, play til ur drunk!

Never Have I Ever Party Game

Never Have I Ever Dirty is the best party game to reveal personal stories and awkward moments.

Learn unknown facts about your best friends or break the ice in newly found friendships.

Party / Drinking Games

The “Dirty” and “Party Hard” category challenges everyone to share the dirtiest of secrets and craziest of drinking stories. You’ll be amazed how many poor life decisions your friends make!

Share, talk and laugh your way through hundreds of quirky Never Have I Ever question cards and play until you’re drunk. Play completely sober or turn it into a fun, dirty drinking game.

This game is perfect for playing “TEN FINGERS” and do TikTok challenges too or you can use it as a drinking game for adults.

Simple rules:

1. The Game Master reads a card aloud.

2. The remaining players signal if they did the statement on the card. You can signal by eating a candy, put a finger down, take a sip, raise your hand etc.

3. The Game Master reads the next card.

Never Have I Ever is the most casual party game of any party games!

The app features 1800+ cards designed to make your party memorable and fun.

Ages: 17+ | Players: 1 – 99 | Time: 15-30 minutes | 1800+ Never Ever Cards

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