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Muviz: Pixel Watchfaces & More

About Muviz: Pixel Watchfaces & More

Native Watch Faces collection with full support for Wear OS Complications.

This is a first of its kind app with Native Watch Faces collection in a single app with full support for wear OS complications.

• Minimal, Battery Efficient and Fully Offline

Every watch face is tuned to consume less power as much as possible without any background process. Our faces are fully offline and doesn’t use any network data to show watch faces. Some of the Watch Faces available are,

• Photowear Watch Face.

• Stripes Watch Face.

• Fliqlo Watch Faces or Flip Clock Watch Faces.

• Designer Watch Face.

• Apple Digit Watch Face.

• Glow Watch Face.

• Star Field Galaxy Face.

• Pixel Rotary Watch Faces or Concentric Watch Faces.

• Pixel Minimal Watch Faces.

• Eclipse Watch Face.

• Nothing(1) Watch Face.

• Blinky Watch Face.

• Big Apple Watch Face.

• Retro Watch Face.

• Nike Analog Watch Face & many more to come.

• Supports Native & Third Party Complications

You can add wear OS complications from the native system app or from any app you downloaded from Play Store to our watch faces. The complications are fully customisable with our companion app.

• Ambient Mode Support in Always On Display

Our Watch Faces supports the display switching between ambient mode and active mode with smooth and fluid animations. Burn-in protection is already built into our faces.

• Fully Customizable Watch Faces

Customize our watch faces to match your style using a powerful editor in our companion app. Preview your edits in real-time on the wearable device as you edit it on your phone.

• Customize Wear OS Complications

You can even customize the visual elements of the wear OS complications you have added to our watch faces. Preview your complication edits in real-time on the wearable device as you edit it on the companion app on your phone.

• In house Complications

We have our own highly customizable complications which can be used on our watch faces or on any other third-party watch faces. Currently available complications are,

• Phone Battery Complication.

• Day & Date Complication.

• Heart Rate Complication for WearOS 3.

• Wear OS app

You can use our wear OS app for quick actions like switching between watch faces and selecting complications.

Facing issues? don’t hesitate to drop us a mail at [email protected]

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