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Android 4.1+

Motoracing Countdown Widget

About Motoracing Countdown Widget

MotorGP Countdown Widget and Calendar 2023

This is a Motoracing Grand Prix Countdown Widget for the biggest (1000cc) category!

This widget shows the date of next Race and Qualifying session. It contains 2023 race calendar!

You can add several countdown widgets to your home screen and you can easily customize them at the creation or later by tapping flag icons. If you touch anywhere else in the counters you can see the dates, details and map of the next Race.

If you start the main application it lists the season schedule. You can select them and check the race and map details.

The left menu shows when slide right or tap the menu icon in the top of the left corner.


– 3 widget size: 2×1, 4×1 and 4×2 for bigger screen

– can choose two display modes: Countdown or Simple Date

– 6 background colors with half and full trasparency

– reminders for Qualifying or/and Race

– switch on/off Practices counting

The widget update rate is 1 minutes. The app is completely offline it doesn’t need internet to use. It makes with Android 5.0 Lollipop features.

How to use Widget:

Widgets are little applications which can be placed on the homescreen or the lockscreen, of your Android device. Adding widget to your Home screen is easy:

1. Tap and hold on an available space one of your Home screen.

2. Navigate through your Widgets and select Motoracing Countdown Widget.

3. Tap and hold the choosen size of widget and Drag and drop onto the available space.

4. Change the settings and tap the done icon on the top to save Widget settings.


– If you have any problem with the accuracy of the countdown widget (mostly not counting), it is NOT the widget’s malfunction! Some device stop / kill all application in the background when entering sleep mode. You should tell your battery app to allow this counter working continously. This won’t drain your battery!

– If you can’t find it in the widget list you can try to reinstall and restart your phone too! Or: Some phones install apps to the Phone Storage (or SD card) instead of the Internal Storage. You have to move it to Internal Storage in the apps manager and the widget list will show it!

– And pleeeeease don’t downrate if you don’t know what is widget and can’t add it to your homescreen!! It’s not my app problem! Please see the examp video! And read the How to Use description!

– If you have any other problems or ideas please send an E-mail instead of downrating!

◄◄◄ ——————– THANK YOU! ——————– ►►►

“Dorna Sports, S.L. is the commercial rights holder for the motorcycling sport of MotoGP.”

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